97% of people will search online to look for a local company before they do business

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RankNow is a leading SEO and online management company here is South Africa. With years of experience and an proven track record  

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Our ad-words managers are fully qualified and eager to help you today.  Looking for fast results? Google ad-words is the option for you!! 

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Let our expert social media managers handle all you social profiles for you, we will grow and maintain your online business 

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Social media has become very important for business showing you are active on social media shows your clients you care and not just a fly by night business, Let our professional managers mange your campaigns today.    

We create SEO friendly websites that are built to improve customer engagement and allow for optimal conversions. Packages start from R8999.00 

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Why Use Us?  Why Google? 

Why Use Us? 

Why you should be using our service?

So you have come this far into your SEO journey and you have a good understating of what SEO is all about and why you should have it. Now we are going to tell you why our SEO company is the best choice to go with. And it isn’t only about the impressive results we achieve.
  • We are passionate about SEO and when our clients start seeing results, we know we have done our jobs. We are not just going to tick those SEO boxes; we are also going to be creating custom campaigns and strategies that will assist you in getting your website seen by those who really matter.
  • We pride ourselves on having the reputation of being one of the best SEO companies in South Africa. And we have this hard earned reputation by making the necessary changes to our clients’ websites and by maintaining the ongoing services that we provide. And this includes ensuring that any changes made by Google are integrated into your website so that you have no setbacks.
  • We also take pride in knowing that we always follow the guidelines set by Google, as we are an accredited AdWords partner with Google. This means that once we have got your website where it needs to be, we can use Google analytics to increase your business and your conversions.
Don’t invest in a short term solution when you have the option of an affordable long term answer to your online marketing needs. We might have an expert team to guide you and your website but it is our passion and determination that truly sets us apart from the other SEO companies in South Africa.

Why Google? 

97% of people will search online to look for a local company before they do business (according to research)

Why is this piece of information so mind-blowing? Well it means that 97% of your market is already looking for you online, and if you are not there then they are going to go with your competitor and you are going to lose out. You don’t have to stay hidden from the 97%, with our SEO services we will bring you to the attention the customers you want to sell to.

But this is not the only amazing statistic that can help you make the decision of whether you need SEO or not. Here are a few other statistics about the online world that you should know:

  • South African’s who do online research and then buy: 61%
  • Google market share for South Africa: 95%
  • People who don’t go to page 2 of Google: 75%
  • People who click on the top 3 websites in a search: 85%
  • People who click on the first website in a search: 59%

And then there is the information that tells us that 33% of all click through traffic goes to the website that appears first in a Google search, while the other places have shown the following click through percentages:

  • Second place: 17.1%
  • Third place: 11%
  • Fourth place: 8%
  • Other positions: 5%

The numbers certainly don’t lie and neither does the amount of business that companies get to experience when their websites are sitting comfortably in these places. But to get them comfortably there, and importantly to keep them there, you are really going to need an SEO company that knows what it is doing. And you found that company when you clicked on our website. The leading SEO companies have a few secrets to their SEO successes, and we can use our knowledge, expertise and industry secrets to get your company ranking well.

Did you know that mobile SEO has played a significant role in your websites ranking? Don’t worry, we keep up to date with all of the changes in the field of SEO and we know how to make your website perfectly mobile friendly for SEO. But here are a few mobile SEO facts that you should know:

  • More time is spent on mobile devices than Pc’s and more time is spent using mobile Apps.
  • The average owner will check their phone every 6 minutes.
  • Number of people using their phones to do research before purchasing: 79%
  • Number of people who use their phones to find products and make a purchase within the hour: 50%
  • Business owners who use apps daily: 73%
  • Customer engagement and mobile apps are made for each other.